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Google Analytics: Analyze your site content

In this post we will be reviewing how to analyze your site content. To get started click Behavior to open the default reports. Next select Site Content. The first report is titled All Pages, which, by default is list the most visited pages first.  In most situations the home page will be the most popular page. The pages will be displayed using the URL as a reference. Note that the home page will be listed with just a forward slash (/). It can be easier to read the report by changing the primary dimension to page title.

The report delivers more than just a list of the most visited pages. You can also find the pages with the most entrances, exists, and the page bounce rate. These reports can help you identify a page that receives a large number of visits but also has a noticeably high bounce rate which may indicate that users are not finding what they expected or needed from the page.

The Landing Pages report provides similar metrics but focuses on the first page of your site users accessed. With this report you can also see the number of transactions and revenue generated tied to the landing pages. In a similar fashion the Exit Pages report displays the number of exits for each page. Examining exit pages can help discover pages where customers leave your website, some of which you may not expect. For example, it makes sense that customers exit a website after they complete a newsletter signup or place an order, but if customers are leaving other pages, investigating the exit may lead to preventable issues leading to increased exit rate, such as a link offsite, 404 error, or other problems, which if resolved or improved could reduce exit and help keep users on site longer.

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