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Companies that hire remotely

I’ve compiled a large list of companies that hire workers remotely. The vast majority are technology or software companies. As Maui says in Moana, “You’re welcome”. Work With Us http://careers.hiringthing.com/ https://zapier.com/about/ https://www.gitprime.com/jobs/ https://dribbble.com/jobs?location=Anywhere https://www.socialreport.com/careers.html Employment https://wsmintl.com/company/careers/job-board/ Make Money For Travel https://teamtreehouse.com/jobs https://www.groovehq.com/about#hiring About https://basecamp.com/about/jobs https://www.cloudpeeps.com/careers https://www.helpscout.com/company/careers/ https://www.invisionapp.com/about/#jobs https://journey.buffer.com/ Careers Careers https://www.canva.com/careers/jobs/?location=remote https://pantheon.io/careers#greenhouse-board-list https://github.com/about/careers https://app.crossover.com/x/marketplace/available-jobs https://modsquad.com/careers/ […]

On My Watch List – Stocks

I’ve compiled a list of stocks that are here to stay for the long term. I believe the companies listed below control their own future! Disney (DIS) – We all love a good story.Humans are storytellers. Long before recorded history we’ve been sharing stories around the camp fire. Disney owns the box office and controls […]

Side Gigs

Earn some extra cash by working online from home. Here are a few sites where you can sign up to earn some extra money: Capterra Write software product reviews and earn up to $10 per review for up to 10 reviews. Write a review of your own experience with a software product used in your […]

Favorite Fitness Apps

Health and fitness apps are everywhere. There are countless calorie counting apps and enough run tracking apps for every day of the week. Here are three of my favorite apps that I personally use. Each one of these apps are free too! 7 Minute Workout There are several workout options to choose from, but the […]

Five Thoughts from a Software QA Specialist

1. Special characters cause problems Special characters are a $#^=+&! pests. I’ve seen it countless times. A user enters a special character in a title or a name or anything else and that feature won’t load correctly or load at all. Make sure any input fields have been tested with all special characters. The special […]

Freelancer Services

I am always willing to take on another project if it is the right fit. Here are the freelance services I can provide: Web Design & Construction I can build a website with WordPress, Square Space, Wix, Weebly, etc. I can be your web content manager, providing timely updates Quality Assurance Testing Manual QA testing […]