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Google Analytics: Custom Analytics Alerts

In your Google analytics account you can create custom alerts to notify you of drastic changes in performance. Alerts can help you monitor revenue, landing page bounce rate increase, campaign performance, keyword performance, etc.

To create a custom alert find the Admin section and choose the view in which to create the alert. Open Custom Alerts from the menu and select New Alert. First, give the alert a name. Then select the time frame (day, week, month). Next you have the option to have an email sent to you when the alert is triggered or even receive a text message.

One example would be to set up an alert to monitor sessions (traffic). A significant drop in sessions would indicate a significant problem requiring immediate attention.

You will need to select the condition, typically an increase or decrease. To continue with our example, let us select ‘% decreases by more than’ as the condition for our sessions alert. Once the value is entered the comparison time frame can be selected and from there and alert can be saved.

For more examples and help setting up your own custom alerts follow the link below to browse Google’s analytics support center.

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