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Easy Ways to Lose Weight (and Save money too)

1. Cut soda, and other sugary drinks from your diet. This includes those iced coffee drinks with syrup and whip cream. Stick with a glass of water, it will save you money too! Same goes for alcohol too, I didn’t say this would be fun 🙂

2. Stop drinking soda!! Water is better.

3. Soda is liquid dessert!!! So if you must have a soda then don’t eat dessert. I can’t stress this enough, if this the only thing you read here and actually follow you will probably loose 10-15 pounds over the next year by simply stopping your soda intake!

4. When going out to eat ask for a doggy bag for some left-overs. Most restaurants have humongous portions and over-serve their patrons. Try to take some home. Drink some water before you get your meal to fill your stomach, this may help to reduce your cravings. Saving some leftovers for lunch the next day is great way to stretch your money.

5. Eating out at a nice restaurant with your significant others? Try splitting an appetizer and entree between the two of you. If you must order dessert, share it with someone else. Sharing is caring if you truly care about your bank account.

6. Try some healthier substitutes, apple sauce instead of ice cream. Zucchini or spaghetti noodles instead of actual pasta noodles. Lentil burgers instead of beef hamburgers.

7. Sneak in some veggies, cauliflower & broccoli, blend them up and add them to your mash potatoes.

8. Don’t follow the recipe 100%. Making cookies or cake? Try reducing the amount of sugar, round down.

9. Try a short hiatus. Do you find yourself eating a lot of candy on Halloween and the next few days with leftover candy. If you know you are going to indulge and enjoy yourself, cut back before the big day. Swear off the sweets for a week or two before. Or, wedding season is near and you have 3 weddings to attend in June? Cake and alcohol will be there. Just say no in between each celebration.

10. If you plan on eating out look for coupons. Many of your local restaurant offer coupons or discounts that can be found in coupon books or in the restaurant’s social media accounts.

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