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Google Analytics: How many users access your site on their mobile device?

As the web evolves so too does the way we access it. The PC industry is in decline. The sale of tablets and smart phones are on the rise. Some analysts are predicting that tablets sales will overtake PC sales. With this in mind, you may ask yourself, “how many users access my site on their mobile device?”

Google Analytics has the answers. If you open the Audience section on the reports panel, you will see the Mobile reports. The Overview report will give you a breakdown of sessions from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The Devices report gives you the actual names of the mobile devices. Both reports provide the number of sessions, number of transactions, and total revenue attributed to each device, along with other pertinent information.

These reports help to determine which device yields the most transactions or the highest eCommerce conversion rate. Looking at the reports, ask yourself: are users on mobile or tablet devices less likely to make a purchase? Do mobile users have a lower conversion rate? It may be time to build a responsive site!

When considering a mobile responsive site, it is prudent to see how much the mobile segment of your site’s traffic has grown over time. In the example below, we set the report by comparing the year-to-date to the same time-frame in the previous year. To isolate the mobile traffic, we added the Mobile and Tablet Traffic segment and removed the All Traffic segment.

The report, comparing 2013 to 2014, shows a whopping 130% increase in mobile sessions and a 556% increase in transactions from mobile devices! Next time you log into your Analytics account, take a few minutes to measure your mobile traffic!

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