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On My Watch List – Stocks

I’ve compiled a list of stocks that are here to stay for the long term. I believe the companies listed below control their own future!

Disney (DIS) – We all love a good story.Humans are storytellers. Long before recorded history we’ve been sharing stories around the camp fire. Disney owns the box office and controls some of the most profitable intellectual property, think Star Wars and  Marvel.  Modern day storytellers will continue to flock to Disney to create and tell their stories.  On the business side their portfolio is diverse, movies, television, amusement parks, merchandise, they really have it all.

Square (SQ) – Offering a plethora of products and services Square has an enormous potential for growth. Products include point of sale hardware for small business, cash app, restaurant delivery app, and a website building service.

LTC Properties (LTC) – A real estate investment trust, LTC invests in nursing and assisted living facilities. With nearly 200 facilities spread over 25 states in the United States LTC has a bright future as the baby boomer generation continues to age.

Medical Properties Trust (MPW) – Simliar to LTC Properties, MPW will benefit from an aging US population. MPW focuses on funding hospitals and other medical facilities.