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Working Remotely? Here are some PROS & CONS to consider

Do you work remotely? Are you considering working from home. I’ve compiled some pros and cons you may not have considered.


  • You get to work from home!
  • Live anywhere in the world
  • Avoid the rush hour traffic
  • Allows for flexibility that can improve your work/life balance
  • Ideal for those want stay home to take care of children and/or pets


  • You may not have the extra space in your home to dedicate a home office
  • It might be harder to focus, especially if you have pets and/or children at home distracting you
  • Less productivity, more time surfing the web and browsing social media sites
  • It is a short walk to the kitchen, you might end up eating more snacks, than if you were in the office
  • The isolation might make you a bit lonely, and you could miss out on the office camaraderie
  • You might see a slight increase in your utilities from using more lights, the heater, & water

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